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and raise sale's tax by a quarter of a percent. >> it could have a devastating affect on education in california if it fails. >> schools and colleges could face around $6 billion in cuts. >> trigger cuts as they have been called. the small business action committee is pushing hard to defeat the measure saying higher taxes would dry away jobs. >> and for more on that we sat gown with governor jerry -- down with governor jerry brown with the news director. this isn't the first time the voters have been asked to bail out the state budget and we keep sliding back. so, why should we go for it this time. >> the last war is the money for schools. on or off. either money in the schools or money out of schools. i wish it didn't have to be this way, but at the end of the day i hope people know that 99% of the people will not pay this income tax. it is only 1%. and what people will pay is a penny when they get a $4 cappuccino or sandwich. a penny. if you buy a $8 purchase, it is two pennies. we have been cutting taxes, raising tuition and shortening the school year. i am telling you as sin
, they would stop more education cuts, targeting undecided voters. those making up their minds in the polling booth or who are waiting until the last possible minute to mail in their ball los -- ballots and plenty of them are. >> if you have not mailed them yet, you are getting risky about that ballot. >> reporter: he has talked to the civic groups, claiming they are still undecided. not about who to pick for president, but about what proposition to support. it shows. >> if you look at our tally equipment, you can see where people changed their mind. not on candidates, but on measures. >> that 11th hour head scratching is putting a squeeze on san francisco to this area, even though it will be lower than in 2008. those voting, they are waiting and waiting. causing an influx of the last- minute ballot and forcing ballot counters to work overtime. >> i have never done a split shift before. >>> until now and with so many mail-in ballots still out. it's a sign that there is time to sway votes on those still waiting. >> reporter: lights are still on here at the clerk and recorders office. employees
's income tax. >> if proposition doesn't pass, it will really have a devastating effect on education in california. >> reporter: one of the largest supporters. the california teachers' association. meanwhile the small business action committee raised more than $47 million to fight it. and rival proposition 38 would raise taxes for all californiaons with money going to schools. tom, chairman of the california republican party is confident 30 will fail. just like other proposed tax hikes before it. >> raising taxes even higher in california will drive away more jobs. and will collect less money over time if this passed than more. >> well, i think it's going to be a tough battle. the governor certainly is out there stumping for the measure. i think you're foining to start to see support climb. >> reporter: prop 32 meanwhile would ban unions from using payroll deducted funds for political purposes. the democrats were urging voters to vote no on that today and its approval currently is just 39%. ann? >> thank you so much. >>> and we've just ten days before the election, the presidential c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3